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Obtain a Quote or Advice

You can talk to us directly about your pruning needs, or concerns around the safety, health or structure of tree(s) on your property. 

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Residential: $150 Onsite Assessment

For $150+ GST, a suitably qualified and experienced arborist will visit your residential property for a preliminary visual assessment to ascertain the outline status of your tree(s). This might for example simply be to assess the health, structure or concerns you may have.
Separately, following this visit, we may submit recommendations for further actions in an electronic or quote/proposal form.

To arrange an onsite diagnosis, please our Green Surgery number for Residential customers on [*****PHONE NUMBER REQUIRED*****] or email us at

Early Intervention

Do you have concerns about the health and structure of tree(s) on your property?

Are these displaying signs of potential safety issues or in need of assessing?

By ensuring that your trees receive the expert attention necessary, it is often possible to avoid an escalation of the concern and in some instances excessive future costs and safety risks.

Although we offer a $150 Onsite Assessment service (see details above) we can also be called upon to help with immediate or more pressing tasks.

If you have something which you feel needs addressing before it get worse, we’d recommend you give us a call in the first instance and one of your team will be happy to discuss your circumstances with you. In some instances, we can provide a priority response.

For further information on our Residential Services, please get in touch with a member of the Arbor Centre Green Surgery team by completing the Enquiry Form below. Alternatively you can call our offices on 08 9359 9300.