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Strata and Prop Man News Update April 2019

Strata and Property Management News Update April 2019

Five Star Reviews : Staff Changes : What to look out for in Autumn and Winter . . . 

As an existing Strata or Property Management client of the Arbor Centre, we’re pleased to provide this update for you along with some tips, as we go through the autumn season and approaching winter.

Firstly, we would like to thank those of you who have left five-star reviews on our Google Review page, we are always pleased to receive feedback and referrals. We’re delighted to hear that many of you continue to have great experiences through both our arboriculture work and with members of our team.

In terms of our staffing, Ryan Lovatt - who many of you may already know as our previous Operations Manager - now heads up our Green Surgery team. Ryan has been with the Arbor Centre for 15 years and is a highly valued member of our team. Our previous Head of Green Surgery Chad Thompson has moved into a new role as the Head of Sales for the Arbor Centre and as such, may well be in contact with some of our Strata and Property Management clients going forward.

Our Green Surgery team are engaged in a wide variety of interesting and challenging projects, which include for example; The Optus Stadium, Garden Island, Local Government and Perth Zoo, as well as providing services for a growing number of Strata and Property Management clients across the Perth area. Our team are multi-skilled and able to tackle all aspects of tree management and maintenance.

Our Green Surgery team continue to help our clients to manage their trees in the most cost effective manner, often providing preventative measures to avoid costly maintenance/repairs in the future. This is particularly important to consider as the weather changes around this time of the year and trees are more prone to failure. We understand the need to manage both the canopy and roots of trees in order to maintain the well-being and safety of the tree and the protection of people and the surrounding structures within a group of properties.
Things to be aware of might include, long, heavy and isolated branches within the canopy, deadwood within the canopy, defects in the tree (for example crossing and rubbing stems and split unions) and branches/stems that extend over roofs, shared carports etc. All of these aspects need to be carefully considered as these often cause extensive and expensive damage if not professionally managed in good time.

For Strata and Property Management organisations, we are able to plan and deliver a ‘managed service’, tailored around a property, a group of properties, or several groups of properties. This involves working collaboratively with you to plan and arrive at a cost effective programme (over an agreed duration of time) to take care of all tree related matters. Often, we can help with preventative maintenance, to help mitigate the risk of more costly repairs or potential accidents in the future. If you would like to discover how this approach might benefit properties under your management, we’d be pleased to arrange a free no obligation quote via a visit to your location.

If you or any of your occupants have any concerns about the health and safety of your trees, please do not hesitate to contact our Green Surgery team on 9359 9300 or complete the enquiry form this website

Further information on our Green Surgery services for Property Management clients can be found here  further information for Strata Management clients can be found here