Arbor Centre’s Fortress5 will deliver Infrastructure Protection for MetroNet project


The Arbor Centre’s innovative Fortress5 service is rapidly becoming a new standard for the effective protection of infrastructure from tree root damage. The complete end-to-end service includes a unique safe spray-on application. Fortress5 helps protect important and essential public services – such as pavements, cycle paths, car parks, roads, below ground utilities – from being damaged by tree root growth.

The importance of Fortress5 for local and State government agencies is evident through the recent exciting news that leading Perth-based social enterprise – Workpower – has chosen our Fortress5 service as a part of the MetroNet project they are delivering. 

Workpower is the approved contractor for MetroNet’s redevelopment of the Cockburn Central Station car park.

How Fortress5 will work for MetroNet

Work will start on this MetroNet project in April and is expected to be completed during May. The project will see the integrated Fortress5 service; including the assessment, site preparation and application carried out by the Arbor Centre on approximately 100 tree pits built as part of the Thornlie to Cockburn link. 

Application of Fortress5 will result in effective tree root protection, safeguarding the integrity of the new Public Transport Authority (PTA) car park infrastructure.

Benefits of Fortress5 for MetroNet project

Both Workpower and the wider MetroNet project have identified the long term environmental and cost benefits of choosing Fortress5 to support the delivery of one of Perth’s major developments.

In addition, by choosing to work with this innovative tree root barrier solution from the Arbor Centre, both organisations are listening to the growing community desire to maintain a healthy and sustainable tree population whilst progressing with important developments. 

Fortress5 helps to facilitate the coexistence of a strong urban forest within metro Perth with the much needed car parking and other infrastructure facilities at the Cockburn Central station. The Arbor Centre is delighted to be playing an important role in the roll-out of the MetroNet project and partnering with leading organisations like Workpower to deliver progress, sustainability and urban health in an integrated way for the Perth community.

More information on Fortress5

Fortress5 is the integrated infrastructure protection service, launched by the Arbor Centre in late 2019. 

Our unique service includes:

  • project planning, 
  • site-specific preparation, 
  • the highly skilled application of our proprietary infrastructure protection coating, inspections and final certification.

Our clients love the fact that Fortress5 is an end-to-end solution, backed by a warranty and project managed by professional arborists throughout to deliver best-in-class protection.

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