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Over many years, we’ve built an enviable reputation as being the go-to specialists for tree transplants and tree relocation in Perth, on behalf of Commercial, Government and Residential clients.

We are able to manage all of the key components for tree relocations including; planning & facilitation, sourcing, site preparation, logistics, relocation and aftercare. We also offer temporary storage of trees, prior to a final relocation destination.

We’re used to working with other contractors to meet site-specific challenges and to ensure every consideration is thoroughly investigated, agreed upon and actioned. We are always suitably equipped with specialist personnel and rugged, fit-for-purpose equipment. Safety is a priority at all times and full consideration of all regulatory requirements and approvals are afforded.

Logistics and Transport

Transportation and logistical arrangements are an integral part of successful relocations. Many facets have to be considered including traffic management of oversize loads, managing tree canopies and root balls for transporting.

Once the tree is at its new destination, we offer monitoring and aftercare which incorporates warranty options. We also provide site-specific aftercare programmes which are designed to support a subcontractor responsible for carrying out the ongoing maintenance.

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