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This collaborative process involves the review of architectural, engineering, below ground services and landscape drawings towards finalisation, along with the site specific/tree specific requirements that enable an agreed final design for a project.

With our support, a design team are best placed to consider potential options and mitigation strategies that may be applicable, including which site specific and tree specific specifications can be developed for inclusion into tender documents.

Our experienced consultants can work with you using the latest in arboriculture science and innovations to successfully retain worthwhile mature trees, and collaborate in the successful design of new tree plantings into urban spaces, verges and roadways.

Rather than waiting 20 to 30 years for newly planted trees to mature and start providing the aesthetic/ amenity values we seek – we can help you integrate new tree planting with intelligent retention of the mature trees you already exist on site, therefore optimising the environmental and social benefits for your project.

We can help you manage strategies for mature trees in your development, park or road/street location by developing management plans and specifications that are tailored to the species, age, environmental, social, community requirements of your tree population.

We’re happy to show you instances where we’ve made a positive contribution in projects where these challenges exist.

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