Our expertise in Tree Relocation is widely known amongst our Commercial clients. This is been built over the last 25 years of successful projects.

In this respect, we are leaders in this field with numerous case studies substantiating this.

We offer a number of choices in terms of relocation. We can oversee all aspects of a large mature tree relocation from one site to another site. In addition, we can relocate a semi-mature tree of your choice from our Tree Farm into a specific site for a project.

You can talk to us directly about your planning, procurement, installation or relocation requirements together with options for aftercare and monitoring of relocated trees.


Monitoring and Aftercare

Once a relocation is complete, we will provide you with a site-specific aftercare programme. This aftercare programme will provide comprehensive information on tree care and will support the subcontractor responsible for carrying out the ongoing maintenance at your development site.

Our monitoring of the ongoing health of your tree(s) includes scheduled site visits and ongoing reporting to provide feedback on the status/progress of the tree(s) and any changes in site conditions or circumstances. These reports can contain actions and recommendations for the subcontractor to incorporate into the current programme.

Delivering our monitoring & aftercare support is integral to the provision of a free Tree Replacement Guarantee (Terms & Conditions apply). The duration of this guarantee can range from 3 months to 1 or more years, subject to client requirements.

Our Commercial clients gain substantial peace of mind through our Free Tree Replacement Guarantee and is a key point of difference between the Arbor Centre and other providers in the market. In addition, our guarantees can be designed to meet defects liability periods or to satisfy contractual obligations.

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