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  • Business


    We’re extremely proud of our industry recognition as a highly approachable business that values its integrity, knowledge, operational excellence and teamwork. Maintaining these core principles underpins our identity

  • Community


    It’s all about making connections in an innovative way; success in our eyes harmonises people, environments, living spaces and the natural landscape

  • Health


    We constantly help people make good decisions about significant trees – because we understand the influence and impact this has on society, personal well-being and the enjoyment of the outdoors

  • Environment


    Our diverse responsibilities cover public and privately owned property, roads, parks and new developments. Creating and maintaining strong operational and safety Standards across all of these, our philosophy is simple; ‘Best Practice – best for the environment’.

“with knowledge, innovation and understanding, we help people make good decisions about trees … with practical skills and prime facilities, we constantly deliver great outcomes … this is what makes us an Arbor Centre of Excellence”

Welcome to The Arbor Centre, by reputation, a best-in-class business that is constantly engaged with; Landscape Architects and Contractors, Land and Property Developers, Local and State Government, Town Planners, Project Managers and the Public – to deliver a unique blend of tree transplanting, consultancy, surgery and specialist below surface services.

We utilise our skill, precision and knowledge both above and below surface to professionally nurture, care and manage all aspects of trees for the benefit of the businesses and communities we serve and for the betterment of our health and the environment we live in.

Regardless of the nature of your project with us, our commitment to you includes; open communication, an evidence-based approach, best practice, knowledge sharing, targeted advice and the right outcomes.


We currently have a special Spring/Summer offer for residential clients. . . Any quotes accepted prior to October 31st 2019 will qualify for a 10% discount. Click Here for more details about our offer

Originally established by Rob Bodenstaff in 1985, our ethical and operational approach remains true to the founding principles set out from inception; passionately doing the right thing for trees on behalf of our valued business, community and residential client base.

Our team of arborists and specialists carry this passion at every stage throughout our private and commercial client projects across four core areas of the business. Our range of expertise includes; green surgery, canopy management, tree protection, root zone management, tree surveys, mature tree transplanting and consulting.

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