WA based Property and Strata Management companies trust us to provide qualified and impartial advice, offering value for money and acting in the best interests of both the Strata residents and management alike.

Many of our Property and Strata Management clients utilise our experience to ensure that all tree and other below ground considerations within a Strata or Property boundary are properly factored-in to ensure great outcomes and lower on-costs.

In particular, our team can assist you with:

  • Site Upgrade Reviews and Planning support
  • Tree Assessments
  • Tree Preservation & Retention
  • Tree Management Plans
  • Independent Arborist Reports
  • Asset Protection (below and above ground)
  • Root Zone Analysis & Remediation

Where development involves complex challenges, our Consulting team have the broad knowledge and practical experience to advise and support you through the toughest problem-solving processes. Examples of this include:

  • close proximity of works to significant trees or landscapes
  • high profile buildings of historic interest
  • locations where heritage sensitivities need to be considered
  • trees with complex or delicate circumstances

With increasing numbers of inbound enquiries and requests for technical information – as Property and Strata Management clients seek assistance with their site/works planning, feasibility studies, project proposal scoping and site specific issues – we’re keen to maintain our position as the go-to people for such advice.

Therefore, many of our Property and Strata Management clients take advantage of our ArborPAS; the opportunity for existing clients to purchase an allocation of hours from us at significantly discounted rates for the purposes of providing such support.

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