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For Residential Clients in WA that would like an existing tree or a number of existing trees relocated at a private property, we have a dedicated team made up of specialist arborists and tree transplant experts.

We have a well-established process for managing the relocation process for existing trees in WA Residential Properties; which is outlined in the steps below:

a) Onsite Assessment

In order to provide a quotation for Transplanting small or large trees, it is mandatory to complete an Onsite Assessment to verify first-hand what it will take logistically to meet client expectations. This can be arranged at a mutually convenient date and time. The preliminary Onsite Assessment will verify the factors that will enable us to fully scope the logistics and practicalities of the exercise. Full details can be found on the Assessments Page within this Residential section.

Please note; we are unable to provide estimates or indicative costs for tree relocations to Residential Clients without a preliminary On-site Assessment.

If you wish to book a preliminary On-site Assessment with us, please call a member of our Sales Team on 9359 9300 or complete our Enquiry Form on this website.

b) Quotation and Follow Ups

Based on the site assessment and other project documentation received, a Quotation is provided, along with brief recommendations to inform you on how to achieve the best outcome.

Our residential relocation quotations are inclusive of a 3-month Free Replacement Guarantee.

We can also provide extended warranties to 1 or 2 or more years. After you have been able to review the details of the quotation, we will then follow this up with a courtesy call to discuss the project and answer any questions you may have about the Quotation or any queries you may have.

c) Agreement to Proceed

If you are happy to accept the Quotation, we will provide you with an Agreement to Proceed document. This document will provide confirmation on a timetable of events undertaken as part of your relocation, the terms and conditions that apply and how we will communicate with you during the stages leading up to, during and following the actual works/operations.

Once there is an agreement to proceed, what happens next?

The process of relocating can sometimes result in more than 90% of the root system being temporarily lost. Relocation success relies successfully carrying out several key interrelated steps d – f as follows:

d) Preparation of the tree prior to lifting it from mother earth

Most trees, including some palms, require a period of preparation prior to them being relocated. The duration of this preparation period, how the preparation will be carried out, and how the tree is best managed during this preparation period will also be included in the Quotation. One of our qualified arborists will carry out all such preparation work as required prior to the extraction process. In some instances, it may take 1 week -12 months to fully prepare a mature tree or palms for relocation.

e) Extraction and Planting
During the Quotation or Agreement to Proceed phases, we will have pre-arranged with you the date/time for the actual relocation and we will mobilise our team and specialist equipment to carry out the works as agreed. We will always factor in site-specific and tree-specific circumstances, along with seasonal considerations.

f) Aftercare Programme
A key factor to relocation success is getting its root system to regrow such that it no longer needs the extra attention provided during a shorter-term re-establishment period (where re-establishment can range from 2 to 5 years).

To help the tree through this re-establishment period, we provide a maintenance schedule that we monitor with you for 3 months and then refresh this schedule to cover the next 1 – 5 years, whilst you manage this period of aftercare.

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If you’d like to find out more details on how our Relocation team helps Residential clients, please get in touch…… you can speak with one of our Sales Team on 08 9359 9300 or email us using this Enquiry Form.

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