Landscape Architects, Utility Operators, Land and Property Developers, Local and State Government, Town Planners, Infrastructure Organisations and Project Managers all regularly look to the Arbor Centre for trusted advice on all thing’s trees and tree related matters. This is something we’re very proud of and do not take for granted.

With increasing numbers of inbound enquiries and requests for technical arboriculture information – as commercial and public sector clients seek assistance with their pre-tender planning, pre-development work, predesign plans, project feasibility studies, project proposal scoping and site specific issues – we’re keen to maintain our position as the go-to people for such advice.

In order to continue making our team available for this level of support, we are inviting clients to subscribe to our Priority Advisory Service; ArborPAS

How does ArborPAS work?

We invite our commercial and public sector clients to subscribe by purchasing a block of advisory hours from us at reduced rates, in order to maintain prompt access to our advisory team for the purposes outlined above.

We’ll allocate time against each inbound request for information (be this telephone discussions or requests for basic research/correspondence) and provide regular updates on how we’re tracking with a balance of available hours. All time consumed is allocated in 15-minute slots.

The Advisory services available through ArborPAS are separate to our existing Consultancy services.

Get in touch

If you’d like to discover more on how our Consulting team helps Developers, Local Government and other Organisations, please get in touch…… you can speak with one of our Sales Team on 08 9359 9300 or email us using this Enquiry Form.

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