For Property and Strata Management clients that would like an existing tree or a number of existing trees assessed at a specific location, we can arrange for one of our qualified staff to meet with you on-site to conduct an Arborist Site Visit.

Alternatively, we can provide you with a Arboricultural Consultant Report following a formal assessment.

Arborist Site Visit: basic onsite assessment of your tree(s)

For $150+ GST*, a suitably qualified and experienced arborist will visit your property or your strata location, in order to undertake a preliminary visual assessment to ascertain the outline status of your tree(s). This might for example simply be to assess the tree health, structure or concerns you may have. During the Arborist Site Visit (ASV), the Arborist will make verbal comments and observations and simply leave you with these to consider. Therefore, you may wish to consider taking your own notes during the visit, as our ASV’s do not include any form of written documentation.

*Please note: additional charges may apply depending upon your geographical location and the extent of the tree(s) assessment being requested.


Arboricultural Consultant Formal Assessment and Reporting

For formal requests for written documentation, our Consulting Team can provide more in-depth assessments and reporting. These are often in-depth undertakings with pricing typically from $1500 upwards. We’d invite you to contact either your Account Manager or a member of our Sales Team for more details.

*Please note: additional charges may apply depending upon your geographical location and the extent of tree assessment being asked for. We regret that we are unable to provide site visits and summaries which relate to trees on third party land.

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