We’ve developed a unique product and service: Fortress5 – an integrated tree root barrier solution, designed to protect infrastructure in urban environments.

This service helps to reduce year-on-year costs from tree root related damage and retain maximum amenity value.

For Property and Strata Management clients, tree root damage poses significant risk to driveways, footpaths, car parks and shared spaces. Investing in effective infrastructure protection can mean long-term cost savings, as well as safety and financial risk mitigation.

Fortress5 is being written into both Commercial and Public Sector Tender Documents as a Standard for the protection of assets from tree root damage. It’s is being applied in public urban spaces, below-ground utility infrastructure, roads, hardstand and soft-fall outdoor areas.

Five (5) core fundamentals underpin the integrity of our infrastructure protection solution. These are built around the combination of this proprietary product and our highly skilled application of it. The core fundamentals are:

  1. Comprehensive project preparation and advice, including site-specific assessment of the working environment.
  2. Project-managed service delivery throughout with final inspection certification.
  3. Proprietary Infrastructure Protection Coating with a unique formula, which is highly adaptable to site circumstances, provides best-in-class protection, and easily distinguished from other products.
  4. On-site site-specific preparation process and application, all delivered by highly skilled and accredited Arbor Centre staff.
  5. Warranty options, for the combination of the product and its site-specific application.

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