In order to provide a quotation for relocating small or large trees, we have to complete an Onsite Assessment to verify first-hand what it will take logistically to meet client expectations.

This can be arranged at a mutually convenient date and time.

The preliminary Onsite Assessment will verify the factors that will enable us to fully scope the logistics and practicalities of the exercise. These may include, but may not be limited to:

  • The current location circumstances for the tree(s) and the proposed planting location(s) of the tree(s)
  • The size, age, species and condition of the tree(s)
  • Validation of soil profile(s), drainage and soiling requirements at both extraction and planting sites
  • Verify potential tree weights and cranage capacities needed
  • Verify overhead obstructions and potential cranage locations
  • Identifying below ground services / infrastructure
  • Determining the On-Property working areas and limitations (structures, hardstand, operational space etc.)
  • Verify relocation logistics, (road access, driveway, deployed equipment constraints)

Our onsite assessments are undertaken on a fixed fee basis: $295 + GST (refundable if your quote is accepted and works proceed)

Please note; we are unable to provide estimates or indicative costs for Transplanting to Residential Clients without a preliminary On-site Assessment.

Full details on our residential tree relocating services can be found on our Relocations Overview page.

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