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The Arbor Centre’s stage by stage approach to tree retention is in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Australian Standard AS 4970.

By following each of our stages, a client can be assured that the entire process of tree retention and preservation has long term success. Importantly, without adherence to these processes/stages, substantial risks exist regarding acceptable outcomes.

The Arbor Centre Consulting team has proven success in the tree retention and protection reporting process. The best client successes have been achieved when our engagement is retained throughout all of the Stages – as they are interlinked and inter-dependent. However, our clients sometimes request that these Stages be delivered in a more modular manner, with options to move to further Stages as a project progresses.

A level of arboriculture input is required to be undertaken by qualified people for the tree retention measures (identified in a specifications document) to be successful. Otherwise, standards of practice are unfairly placed on other trades/contractors who are not trained or experienced in tree retention. The specifications document is produced as one of our stages within the overall process.

Through careful and professional planning and a proactive approach, we can support you to successfully blend and protect the mature existing trees as a key sustainable asset within your project.

We can show you examples of what it takes for successful tree retention and preservation in and around schools, government sites, road reserves, living spaces and residential areas and to help you utilise Australian Standard AS 4970 to your advantage.

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