With our strict quality criteria and unrivalled Guarantee offering, our tree stock supply in combination with our planting services make for a compelling case to select the Arbor Centre as your supplier for Property and Strata Management projects.

We are able to offer a wide range of species from our Tree Farm trees, all of which meet our strict quality criteria for small to medium tree stock. These trees are popular for property sites where there may be certain restrictions on size and scale of the tree.

Our tree stock typically features good root development structures along with strong growth attributes, for optimum suitability. Sourcing stock of this nature requires strict and constant care over a period of time knowing that the trees you are purchasing have had attentive nurturing from us for the required time period.

All Arbor Centre tree stock installed by us includes an unrivalled Guarantee; so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your tree assets at your strata or property are covered against failure with our renowned Free Tree Replacement Guarantee


All tree parameters are sourced from the Burnley Plant Guide © The University of Melbourne 2013 and the Department of Parks and Wildlife, West Australia Herbarium. Safety is a priority at all times and full consideration of all regulatory requirements and approvals are afforded. Consideration is always given to the existing infrastructure and finishes that surround the tree location.

Transportation is integral part of successful installations and we take into account the many variables that need to be considered including handling methods. The final aesthetics of the tree is always front of mind across all installations.

The primary outcome is a well-presented tree set up for a sustainable and healthy future.

As with our Relocation services, each tree is offered with a site-specific aftercare programme. This aftercare programme will provide comprehensive information on tree care and will support a subcontractor (should you wish to appoint one) responsible for carrying out the ongoing maintenance at your strata/property site.

Delivering our monitoring & aftercare support is integral to the provision of a free Tree Replacement Guarantee (Terms & Conditions apply). The duration of this guarantee can range from 3 months to 1 or more years, subject to client requirements.

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