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Central to our 30 year success is the people who form the backbone of our business. Many of our highly qualified and operational Tree Services Staff have been hand-picked and stay with us because they enjoy being a part of a cohesive and committed team. We’re very proud of this and we believe our collective passion in doing things the right way is one of the reasons that sets us apart in our market when it comes to tree surgery, tree relocations, tree consulting, tree root zone protection and much more. We’d like to introduce just a few of them to you…

Our Team

Veronica Lehman

Arboricultural Assistant

Black & White photo of Chad

Chad Thompson

Head of Sales

Sam Bodenstaff

Operations Director

Louise Roberts

Customer Service Coordinator

Simon Shaw

Sales Executive

Callan Fitzgerald

Head of Green Surgery

Black & White photo of Andrew

Andrew Hawes

Head of Tree Supply & Relocation

Black & White photo of Alex

Alex Bodenstaff

Commercial Director

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