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Our qualified and trained arborists work with Residential clients, Developers, State & Local Government, Strata and Property Management companies and other organisations to help address common issues associated with the aesthetics and general management of trees.

Our Green Surgery team commonly help with the removal of branches or roots or whole trees, in instances where they may present a danger to property or people.

Australian Standards

In any event, whether it is through advice, canopy or root pruning, tree removal or other required works, everything we do recognises the Australian Standards (AS 4373 – 2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees, and AS 4970 – 2009 Protection of trees on development sites). By ensuring that your trees receive the expert attention necessary, it is often possible to avoid an escalation of the concern and in some instances excessive future costs and safety risks.

Our Green Surgery crews possess pruning and maintenance experience which extends to the management of heritage or veteran or habitat trees, Avenues of Honour, or trees of community significance.

We offer cost-effective Managed Service options for Strata, Landlords and Property managers. These options help achieve best value of money through advising, managing, and monitoring the trees around properties to avoid unwelcome future costs. Our smart servicing directly helps reduce your spend on challenges such as blocked drains, excessive leaf litter etc. and all the time considers key safety aspects. Typically, we can help with the removal of unwanted trees, or perhaps trees that attract unreasonable maintenance costs. In other instances, it might be helpful to request our support in initially identify and remove trees that are not worthwhile retaining. We can also advise and help with rogue roots that may be causing damage to paths and driveways

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