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At the Arbor Centre, we provide residential tree services in Perth. We managing both the canopy and the roots to maintain the wellbeing and safety of the tree. This protects people and the surrounding structures at residential properties.

Our qualified and trained arborists teams work with residential clients to help address common issues associated with the aesthetics and general management of trees.

You can talk to us directly about your pruning needs or concerns around the safety, tree health or structure of trees at your property. In most cases, we’ll visit your site to conduct a no obligation quote.

When choosing the right arborist, it is important to consider if they recognise and work to the Australian Standards (AS 4373 and AS 4970).

At the Arbor Centre, we adhere to these Standards, and this is also covered by our warranty of reliability. We implement tree care practices that preserve the integrity of worthwhile trees and their value. While affordability is always important, we also want to ensure quality and longevity of our tree care practices.

We regularly help clients with the following:

  • Controlling tree canopy height and spread
  • Managing risk by trees to people and/or property
  • Raising or reducing tree foliage over gardens, lawns, roofs and structures
  • Thinning of canopies to improve light penetration
  • Formative pruning to improve juvenile tree performance and longevity
  • Property Line clearances
  • Root pruning

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