Our Civic Trees offering, launched at the beginning of 2021, is a significant step forward for Landscape Architects; the integrated supply and commissioning of new trees with guaranteed enhanced canopy coverage performance, lower costs, and offered on a unique ‘Fixed Fee & Warranty’ model.

It’s a truly Integrated Supply and Commissioning service for the provision of new grown-to-order and farm trees into new developments, refurbished streetscapes and other similar urban projects.

Civic Trees is an exclusive offering and is a departure from the current industry model. It addresses the high failure rates of current practices and processes based on client feedback and our own research and experience.

Our Civic Trees service is based on a simple Phase Gate process which encompasses; Discovery, Authorisation, Planning, Species Selection, Germination, Growing-on, Site Preparation, Planting, Aftercare.

By integrating these steps and utilising best practice standards, we significantly reduce the real cost-per-tree over the medium to longer term whilst at the same time, provide enhanced and guaranteed canopy coverage performance.

Uniquely, it enables Landscape Architects to offer their clients a Fixed Fee & Warranty model. And with features such as our ‘Species Matrix’, real-term projected Cost Savings in excess of 50% and our integrated Aftercare Programme – Civic Trees helps de-risk projects and produce assured outcomes. This significantly helps Developers in the hand-over process to Local Government.


Species Matrix and Tree Stock

In order to facilitate our Warranty backed service, the Arbor Centre has carefully researched and produced a Species Matrix; our portfolio of available trees, each based on suitable criteria such as; geographical location, soil type, distance from the coastline and other factors.

The Civic Trees Species Matrix offers two options in terms of the supply of tree stock;

  • Trees can be individually selected from our existing Tree Farm operation.
  • Trees can be supplied on a ‘Grown-To-Order’ basis utilising the Arbor Centre Seed to Germination with Growing-on operation.


In order to provide a Warranty backed service, the Arbor Centre provides the fully integrated Commissioning service for every project. This includes;

  • Project Planning & Design (in collaboration with other project stakeholders)
  • Pre-Ordered selection and supply – based on our Species Matrix
  • Site Specific Preparation
  • Tree Planting Services
  • 3-year on-site Aftercare Service with options to extend

Civic Trees is a full service offering; encompassing all aspects of the supply and commissioning process.

Be a part of the change …find out how we can help make your tree budget work smarter – and achieve better canopy coverage outcomes, today.

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