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Welcome to an update page for the above project. This project is a collaboration between the Arbor Centre and the City of Melville.
The information below is designed to assist residents and retailers in the Attadale Village Shops area to understand what has happened so far in the project and what may be in the pipeline later this year and beyond. This page will be updated from time to time, so please check-in again.

Why is the Attadale Village Shops Project being undertaken?
The City of Melville have been aware that given the grade of this particular section of Moering Road, flooding issues still persist, despite previous efforts resolve this. Both the Attadale Village shop tenants and the local community have suffered from repeat flooding issues and seek a long-term intelligent solution to the problem. Along with this, residents and retail tenants alike seek to enhance the amenity ‘feel’ to the area through improved green infrastructure and attractive features. Through an integrated approach to flood alleviation and green infrastructure, both aspects of the solution are able to achieved hand-in-hand.

What has been undertaken so far?
The project preparation stages have been collaboratively developed by the City of Melville and the Arbor Centre.

These activities have included;

  • Agreement on the Scope of the Project
  • Engagement and collaboration between City of Melville and Arbor Centre Engineering teams
  • Submission of initial design and works solutions with options for consideration
  • A full feature survey of the existing road and path levels along with an inventory of existing infrastructure assets.
  • Series of Site Meetings and Assessments
  • Preparation of Community Engagement activities

What are the highlights of the proposed project?
The integrated nature of the project enables a blend of flood alleviation, amenity enhancement and improved green infrastructure to coexist within the solution.

The key highlights include;

  • Additional below-ground drainage at the south end of the precinct
  • Enhanced stormwater infrastructure throughout the pedestrian footpath
  • Introduction of permeable paving to existing car parking bays
  • Root Management and other arboricultural inputs around the mature fig tree area
  • Tree retention programme for existing tree population
  • Specification of ‘Single Solution’; selection, installation and aftercare for new tree plantings – this is an innovative ‘greening’ approach which ensures full arborist team involvement from growing initial tree stock to maintaining healthy juvenile trees in the village shop area.
  • Enhanced amenity features

What is the current Project Management Timeline?
Design Stage: July 2023 – October 2023
Design Approval: November 2023 – February 2024
Tendering for Construction period: March 2024 – May 2024
Tender Award: June 2024
Construction: July – August (subject to COM confirmation)

Community and Business Workshops
In late July, there will be a project ‘letter drop’ to local residents and the retail tenancies to communicate the intent and benefits of the proposed works. This is followed by a community feedback period and an opportunity towards the end of August to meet with the Arbor Centre and the City of Melville Project representatives onsite for an informal face to face discussion.

Concept Designs
These will be made available via the City of Melville website. Please check for details


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