Collaboration with Yonga Djena facilitates the installation of mature trees into the Kalgoorlie City Centre Redevelopment Project

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We’re delighted to be working alongside Yonga Djena; the Aboriginal-owned environmental services company. Together we’re part of the project delivery team for the redevelopment of Kalgoorlie City Centre. The project includes the installation of mature trees.

Yonga Djena offers practical environmental services and solutions to industry and government. This includes landscaping and garden maintenance, civil earthworks, slashing and vegetation management. This is the first project we are undertaking with Yonga Djena. We’re excited to participate with them in the transformation of the central business district of Kalgoorlie.

Transforming the Kalgoorlie Central Business District

The project transforms major precincts in the Kalgoorlie Central Business District into a vibrant, economically strong and diverse centre. It replaces outdated infrastructure. The new approach is based on community consultation, best practice place making and urban design.

The scope includes Hannan Street at St Barbara’s Square to the rear of the Market Arcade. The project will deliver many improvements. These include; children’s play areas including water play, artwork, night lighting and CCTV, modern paving and street furniture, gardens, alfresco dining and entertainment areas.

The supply of Jacaranda Mimisifolia from our Tree Farm operation

We are supplying 18 Jacaranda Mimisifolia from our Tree Farm operation. In addition, we’ll provide the logistics involved in transporting them to Kalgoorlie and the site preparation and installation of the mature trees at the city centre location. All of our tree stock is carefully prepared by our experienced team for the project, prior to transportation. This ensures that the installation process and ongoing tree health is optimised.

Arbor Centre Account Manager Simon Shaw commented “We’re delighted that the City of Kalgoorlie have trusted Yonga Djena and the Arbor Centre to deliver the mature tree element of the redevelopment. Our combined years of experience provides this client with the comfort and trust that the job will be highly successful. Our Tree Farm stock is of appropriate calibre to ensure a great long-term outcome in terms of the mature tree population on site. This is something that more and more Local Governments are recognising as having significant value”.

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