Collaboration with City of Melville for water management and creation of ‘Green Hub’

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The City of Melville are working with us to undertake the initial design phases of key project at the Attadale Village Shops precinct. The solution is designed to improve water management issues in close proximity to retail outlets. In addition, the solution aims to improve the existing storm water management and enhance the green infrastructure.

The project aims to develop more of a community ‘green hub’ persona. This will be achieved through successful tree retention, new tree plantings and efficient use of pedestrian areas.

So far, we’ve have collaboratively undertaken a number of preliminary stages, to develop a solution to the repeated water management challenges of the Moering Road tenancies.

Why is the Attadale Village Shops Project being undertaken?

The City of Melville have been aware that given the grade of this particular section of Moering Road, issues with water management still persist, despite previous efforts resolve this. Both the Attadale Village shop tenants and the local community seek a long-term intelligent solution to the problem. Along with this, residents and retail tenants alike seek to enhance the amenity ‘feel’ to the area through improved green infrastructure and attractive features. Both aspects of the solution are able to be achieved hand-in-hand through an integrated approach to flood alleviation and green infrastructure.

To date, collaboration has included the project scope, activities across the respective engineering teams, initial concept designs and works solutions and a series of site meetings and assessments.

The longer-term project scope is likely to include; additional below-ground drainage, enhanced storm water infrastructure, the introduction of permeable paving to existing car parking bays, Root Management and other arboricultural inputs around the mature fig tree area, a tree retention programme for the existing tree population and the specification of a ‘Single Solution’ for the selection, installation and aftercare for new tree plantings.

Arbor Centre Sales Executive Simon Shaw commented “We’re delighted to be working with our colleagues at the City of Melville, particularly given that we’re engaged in such a multi-disciplined project. We feel that our upskilling in recent years across water management, permeable paving, consulting and integrated tree supply/install/aftercare – and how these can co-exist within projects – is standing us in good stead to meet client challenges like this. I think we’re pretty unique in this respect. We look forward to continuing our collaboration through the design and approval stages and into the future phases of the project”.

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