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Government & Education

At the Arbor Centre, we’re always exploring innovative ways to help our clients gain the maximum value from our pool of expertise and facilities.

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Our Specialist Tree Management service offers our clients in the Government and Education sectors the ability to deal with tree issues that warrant particular attention or a level of expertise that is not usually part of day-to-day tree maintenance operations.

The Government and Education services offered by our Green Surgery division meet a wide variety of needs such as: -

  • The management of heritage or veteran or habitat trees*
  • Trees or Avenues of Honour or of community significance*
  • The planting of trees and the protection and retention of existing trees within new developments, or refurbishments, or the upgrading of roads or traffic areas*
  • Maintaining the designed purpose and function of trees in parkland and play areas where the natural growth above and below ground, requires more sophisticated levels of tree management – importantly, pro-active rather than costly re-active measures*

With the ability to scale and specialise, we can help to minimise risks and maximise benefits for your local municipality or learning institution, and the tree populated areas that you manage which have a higher than usual level of importance. This, along with industry best practice ensures that safety, purpose, function and the longevity of the trees remain key considerations throughout.

We can simply provide practical arboricultural information to decision makers or we can develop and implement project specific tree maintenance procedures that take full, or shared, responsibility for the management of these special tree assets in collaboration with Tree / Asset managers.

*Where higher level of expertise are required to address complex scenarios, we are able to refer customers to our specialist Surface and Subsoil division or our Arboricultural Consultancy division.   

For further information on our Government and Education Services, please get in touch with a member of the Arbor Centre Green Surgery team by completing the Enquiry Form below.

Alternatively you can call our offices on 08 9359 9300