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Obtain a Quote or Advice

You can talk to us directly about your pruning needs, or concerns around the safety, health or structure of tree(s) on your property. 

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Our Green Surgery team can also help with the removal of branches or roots or whole trees, in instances where they may present a danger to property or people.

Should you be unsure on the best course of action for your tree(s), one of our trained and qualified arborists can provide the advice necessary to arrive at a good decision, that recognises your site specific circumstances and your particular concerns.

In any event, whether it is through advice, canopy or root pruning, tree removal or other required works, everything we do recognises the Australian Standards (AS 4373 – 2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees, and AS 4970 – 2009 Protection of trees on development sites), and is covered by our warranty of reliably implementing tree care practices that preserve the integrity of worthwhile trees and their value. By ensuring that your trees receive the expert attention necessary, it is often possible to avoid an escalation of the concern and in some instances excessive future costs and safety risks.

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If you have something which you feel needs addressing before it gets worse, we’d recommend you give us a call in the first instance and one of our team will  happily discuss your circumstances with you. In some instances, we can provide a priority response.

For further information on arranging a quote or advice, Residential customers can contact us on 08 9359 9300 

Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form below and a member of our Green Surgery team will get back to you. 


As ever, all the skill and precision of surgeons by big men wielding chain saws with no signs left behind, just beautiful trees. Thank you all for the great care with which you treat my trees. I wouldn't have anyone else to do this work . .  (SY)