Local Government Insurance Services (LGIS) appoint Arbor Centre as advisors for key projects

LGIS Tree Advisors Perth

Local Government Risk Management and Insurance specialists – LGIS – have appointed the Arbor Centre to provide tree advisory services and content for an updated Tree Management Guide. This is an important reference document for all Local Government organisations.

In addition, we’ve been asked to assist with a project designed to gather tree information via a Survey from all 141 Local Government organisations across WA.

We are an Approved WALGA Supplier. Through this relationship and our reputation amongst Local Government, we were approached to collaborate with LGIS as LGIS tree advisors in Perth.

As such, the LGIS identified the Arbor Centre’s innovative approach to constantly improving the way trees are managed. Primarily, through the raising of associated standards of practice. In this respect, we are recognised as an ‘Arbor Centre of Excellence’.

About the LGIS

LGIS is a not-for-profit industry based mutual indemnity scheme owned by over 145 Western Australian local governments and focussed on managing Local Government exposure to risk.

This is achieved by their coordinated approach to risk management, claims management and injury management that is holistic and seamless.

The advisory support for the Survey included writing a framework of questions, applying a suitable survey workflow – based on multiple choice and mandatory sections – and helping to arrive at meaningful and measurable data as an outcome.

In terms of the revised Tree Management Guide, we are collaborating as LGIS tree advisors in Perth to provide suitable updates, professional and technical inputs, new content and building in some new considerations for ensuring better value spend for Local Governments in terms of tree expenditure. 

Our Account Manager for LGIS Erica Paull commented. “We’re really pleased that the LGIS, along with WALGA, recognise the value that we bring around the subject of tree management.

From Pruning, Relocation, Safety, Protection from Tree Root Damage, Tree supply and Project Planning, we’ve been asked to apply our knowledge to help improve the advisory communication to all 141 Local Government organisations.

This is something we’re proud of and we look forward to further collaboration with LGIS on future projects”

For further information on how we helps Local Government, Developers, Landscape Architects and other Contractors achieve best value for money for tree related activity, please call one of our Sales Team on 9359 9300 or get in touch today.

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