Successful management of mature London Plane Tree at Bishops See Gardens

The London Plane Tree (Platanus x acerifolia) at one of WA’s heritage sites – Bishops See Gardens – is a significant part of our local history. Twenty years ago, Arbor Centre installed the original anchorage system to ensure the tree remained stable. Our team were contacted again in late 2019 to assess and provide recommendations for continued management of this tree.

Due to the significance of the Tree and the grounds (Bishop See Gardens was established in 1890), the Arbor Centre’s expertise and experience was sought by the client to provide assurance that the retention and management solution was of the highest standard, delivered safely and in a cost-effective manner.

The project was delivered in stages; starting with a ground-level visual tree assessment, the findings of which influenced the next stage – the use of an Industrial Soil Vacuum. This assisted in a root zone investigation to obtain key information on root growth.

Following an inspection of the existing anchoring system, a quantified replacement was recommended alongside a 5-year Management Plan with arboriculture reviews.

The Arbor Centre is one of the very few organisations in WA able to carry out this specialist work to desired standards.

Based on the assessment findings and approved 5-year Management Plan for this green treasure at Bishops See Gardens, the London Plane Tree is able to be retained and managed healthily for many years to come.

As WA’s leading arborists and tree specialists, the Arbor Centre is proud of our continued contribution to help to retain trees of significance and heritage value.

The Arbor Centre has decades of experience in retaining and managing historic trees throughout Western Australia.

We have a dedicated Arboricultural Consultancy team that are called upon by Local Government, Developers and Landscape Architects to provide specialist support for trees in the urban environment.

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