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Have you a tree to sell?

If you have a particular tree that you own and that you would like to sell or take with you when you move, please contact us in the first instance.

Tree to Sell Header Image

At the Arbor Centre, we are regularly on the lookout to purchase large and mature ‘Trees of interest’ and transplant them for specific purposes onto projects that we are working on both now and in the future.

In order that we can quickly identify and declare our initial interest, we would ask you to complete the following form in full and provide your contact details in the fields below. 

Initially, we will need to see a photo of the tree - so if you can provide one, please upload this using the last field provided on the Form below.

Please note, when you use the form below to provide an image of your tree, the maximum upload file size for your image is 1Mb and the images must be in either JPEG or GIF format.

Thank you.