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Throughout the transplanting of 'Semi-Mature' tree stock, our Installation processes and procedures are designed to provide a well-presented tree, set up for a sustainable and healthy future.  

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Our experienced personnel will engage with all stakeholders in order to work out the most efficient and cost effective way of installing 'Semi-Mature' tree stock. In some instances, this may include working with other contractors to meet site-specific requirements and to ensure every consideration is thoroughly investigated, agreed upon and actioned. For every installation we carry out, we are always suitably equipped with specialist personnel fit-for-purpose equipment.

Safety is a priority at all times and full consideration of all regulatory requirements and approvals are afforded. Consideration is always given to the existing infrastructure and finishes that surround the installed tree(s).

Transportation is integral part of successful installations and we take into account the many variables that need to be considered including handling methods. The final aesthetics of the tree is always front of mind across all installations.

As a business with Best Practice at its heart, public and operational safety protection and diligence considerations are constantly under review during installation projects.

The primary outcome is a well-presented tree set up for a sustainable and healthy future.

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For further information on our Installation services, please get in touch with a member of the Arbor Centre Transplant team by completing the Enquiry Form below.

Alternatively you can call our offices on 08 9359 9300