Arbor Centre Enhances Catalina Estate’s Foreshore POS with Metrosideros Planting

Image courtesy of Catalina Estate FB
Image courtesy of Catalina Estate FB

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Arbor Centre is proud to announce its latest contribution to the Catalina Estate development, a project that continues to shape the landscape of Perth’s northern coastal corridor.

In collaboration with the Tamala Park Regional Council, we are currently supplying and installing five Metrosideros trees along the estate’s foreshore public open space (POS).
This initiative is part of the ongoing development of Catalina Estate, a project guided by the Tamala Park Local Structure Plan. Within the plan, Catalina Estate aims to create a vibrant community that harmonizes with its natural surroundings while meeting the diverse housing needs of the Perth Metropolitan Region.

Our Comprehensive Skill Set

Our involvement in this project showcases the Arbor Centre’s comprehensive approach to urban canopy cover requirements for Local Government and similar Projects:

  1. Tree Growing and Selection: Each Metrosideros tree is sourced and carefully prepared from our Swan Valley Tree Farm operation, ensuring quality and local adaptation.
  2. Site Preparation: Our team carefully prepares the site at foreshore area where the trees are being planted, to ensure stability, appropriate soil volumes and optimal tree growth.
  3. Logistics and Planting: We manage the entire process from extraction, transportation right through to planting.
  4. Monitoring and Aftercare: The commitment we bring extends beyond planting, with ongoing care to ensure the trees thrive in their new environment.
A track record at the Catalina Estate

Our involvement in this project builds on our longstanding relationship with Catalina Estate. Over the years, we’ve undertaken various initiatives here, including tree relocations, new tree plantings (notably several Cook Island Pines), consulting services, and ongoing tree care.

The addition of these Metrosideros trees will further enhance the estate’s natural beauty, contributing to the community’s sense of place and environmental sustainability. This aligns perfectly with Catalina’s vision of creating a well-planned built environment that takes advantage of the area’s natural features.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to green Perth’s urban landscape, one tree at a time.

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