Major Elizabeth Quay project completed with spectacular results

Tuart Tree Supply and Relocation
Whadjuk representatives lead a smoking ceremony at the Arbor Centre Tree Farm operation.

Tuart Tree Supply and Relocation | Tree Supply Perth | Elizabeth Quay Trees | Tree Farm Perth | Chevron Building Trees | Tree Relocation

Tuart Tree Supply and Relocation | Tree Supply Perth | Elizabeth Quay Trees | Tree Farm Perth | Chevron Building Trees | Tree Relocation

We’re delighted to have recently completed a major collaborative project to install a Tuart Tree into the new office tower at One Esplande, Elizabeth Quay. Working alongside colleagues from Multiplex, Chevron Australia and Hassell, we were entrusted to provide a carefully grown Tuart tree from our tree farm operation in the Swan Valley, grow this onto a suitable size and structure, then relocate and install this into the site. Our highly reputable Relocation team led by Andrew Hawes carefully managed the installation process, ensuring a safe, accurate and stable installation of the tree into its long-term home.

The project was delivered over a long time-frame, thanks to the hard work of a number of our specialist team, all participating at different stages through the project. In this respect, our multi-disciplinary team is unique in WA.

Aside from the arboriculture and technical aspects of the project, the cultural aspect of the project was equally important, given the relocation of the tree from the Swan Valley to the CBD. We were therefore delighted to host a smoking ceremony at our tree farm earlier this year, which was led by Whadjuk representatives and attended by the broader project team. Whadjuk representatives played a key role throughout the project.

Relocation and Aftercare

Project success of this nature relies on a number of components, all seamlessly coming together. Now the tree is in situ, we’re delivering an Aftercare Programme to ensure the tree continues to thrive. Our Relocation process factors this in, with each tree we move being carefully prepared for maximum long-term success. This is the reason clients turn to us when they want their relocation looked after to appropriate standards.

Head of Sales Chad Thompson commented “It’s great to be recognised once again as a true multi-disciplinary tree company and we always enjoy meeting a challenge! In projects like this, it’s vital that there is collaboration between all parties and we’ve certainly enjoyed a great working relationship with Multiplex, Chevron Australia and Hassell throughout. This is another project that we’re very proud to have played our part in delivering”.

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