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You Can Transplant Trees Efficiently and Affordably. Here’s How.

by Arbor Centre 11 Dec 2019

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Trees, as majestic as they are, are not easily moved. In fact, when taking into consideration the age and size of many trees, tree transplanting can be an intricate and delicate process. An incorrect relocation could mean serious health problems for the tree.

This is why investing wisely in the right people and processes when transplanting a tree, is essential in order to ensure that you don’t lose the tree and have to, in some cases, replace it. Here’s how you can avoid doing so.

Take care of all trees – big or small

When many of us think of transplanting trees, our first thought is often this: a huge tree that’s decades, if not centuries, old, requiring large equipment and the utmost intensive care.

However, smaller trees also need to be treated with care when being moved. These have huge potential to grow and expand the beauty of gardens and public areas, but without proper treatment, can quickly decline in health. Of course, many of us don’t want to spend excessive amounts of money on small trees.

At the Arbor Centre, we move all kinds of trees – from large and aged ones (such as the 700-hundred-year-old Boab tree in Perth, which the Arbor Centre was involved in transplanting) to smaller, residential trees. Not only do we move, install or remove trees for residential clients, we also cater to large housing companies and are a primary choice for those in the strata sector, to decorate and increase the value of strata homes. We do this all with affordable and realistic pricing.

Remember that it’s an intricate process

Even in the case of smaller trees, transplanting isn’t a straightforward process. In fact, it often involves extensive preparation, which, in major cases, could take up to twelve months. Many trees also need surveillance and aftercare post-transplanting. This is where the Arbor Centre excels: we provide an aftercare programme which involves monitoring root system growth during the re-establishment period.

We work closely with tree owners to ensure that this process is successful. And if, in rare cases, it isn’t, we provide a 3-month replacement guarantee for free. You also have the option of extending this guarantee.

Are you interested in transplanting a semi-mature tree into your property or moving a tree you already own? Click here to find out more. You can also contact us for a quote here or call us on 08 9359 9300.